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Combat Jacket ALFA – MultiCam®

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Combat Jacket ALFA – Wolf Grey

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Non-flammable special purpose suit

on request only: +48 604 117 337

possibility of preparing the suit for the specific needs of the user

Inside the suit there is an adjustable rubber belt that fits the suit to the user’s body. There are also adjustable suspenders that allow, for example, wearing the suit with the top removed (only the pants). The harness is attached with 4 points in an X shape.

The suit has two parallel fasteners with split zippers from the neck to the bottom of the legs. They allow you to quickly take off the suit without taking off your shoes. The main zipper pullers are attached to each other, which allows you to unfasten both zippers in one move. There is a string sewn into the zipper tabs to prevent the zipper from pinching the tab. The main zippers have two sliders, which also allow you to open the legs from the bottom up.

There are pockets for protectors on the elbows and knees. The protectors used are made of EVA foam. Pockets for knee protectors are fastened from the bottom. Pockets for elbow protectors, have holes in the lower part of the pockets. This solution allows for automatic drainage of water and sand.
The bottoms of the sleeves are opened with zippers, which allows you to put the suit on and take it off with gloves on. A tight fit of the sleeves is achieved by adjusting tabs fastened with a self-adhesive tape.
The same effect was achieved in the legs by using additional zippers in the suit’s main zippers, allowing the legs to be unfastened from the bottom up.

At the back of the legs, at knee height, there are leg circumference adjusters that allow for a good fit of the leg with the protector to the knee and prevent the protectors from switching while moving in the field.
There are two pockets in the lower parts of the legs for dressings or disposable handcuffs.
An additional strengthening patch is sewn on the seat of the suit.
At the back of the pants there are two deep cut pockets, fastened with self-fastening tapes.
There are two pleats on the back of the suit, allowing greater arm mobility.
There are two cargo pockets on the legs at thigh height with a combined button-self-tape fastening allowing for an open/closed pocket configuration. Inside the pockets there are organizers and carabiner holders.
Just below the waistband of the suit there are two cut pockets with zippers allowing access to the inside of the suit.
The suit has a traditional zipper, which allows you to meet your physiological needs without taking off the suit.
On the front of the suit, at chest level, there are two chest pockets closed with flaps with self-closing tape.
There are two double pockets in the upper part of the sleeves. Each pocket has one bellows fastened with a flap with a self-fastening tape and another pocket fastened with a zipper. There are loop tapes sewn on the pockets to enable the installation of badges.
Calf pockets, cargo pockets, chest pockets and sleeve pockets have a box structure and pleats, which increases their capacity. These pockets also have drainage holes.

The hood of the suit can be unfastened with a zipper or can be hidden in the collar closed with self-closing tapes. The hood has two adjustments, i.e. depth – using a flap with a self-adhesive tape and circumference using rubber bands and stoppers.
The suit is equipped with an evacuation strap that covers the user’s shoulders. The tape has a handle at the back in the upper part of the back. To avoid disturbing normal work, the handle is fastened with a self-locking tape, which can be opened if necessary using a tab sewn in the middle.

Ventilation in the suit is provided by:
– internal pleat elements on the back (non-flammable mesh inserts)
– zippers opening under the arm towards the bottom of the sleeve, (non-flammable mesh insert)
– two-slide zipper in the crotch, (non-flammable mesh insert)
– openings in front cut pockets, fastened with zippers.
The zippers have non-flammable pullers made of the main fabric attached.