Kreator Sp. z o. o. Sp. k. has been present on the market since 1986. Personal commitment of the owners, combined with passion for tailoring has led to gradual transformation of a small local business into professional company employing over 120 people. The year 1990 had been a breakthrough for us. At that time we established cooperation with Polish uniformed services, which gave impulse for further business development. As a result in 1999 the company was moved to a new facility, resulting in increasing its production capability fivefold. The building was designed with the most functional and spatial location of production, social and office rooms in mind. Thanks to gained experience we achieved leading position on the Polish uniform market and today we reach out with our offer to foreign partners.


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Our priority is delivering highest quality products within fixed time limit. Our production is based on investments in technologies and machines of leading brands in clothing industry. Beginning with modern production preparing systems, through automatized sewing and ironing machines, on the quality control systems ending – knowledge and experience of our crew is supported by the newest technologiest available on the market. Automatic machines and sewing machinery by PFAFF, JUKI and BROTHER or high-pressure steam presses by Veit Brisay are our basic tools of everyday work, which guarantee high quality of our products.

Our machines

Our machinery is the latest and best machines currently available on the market. All the time we take care to have the equipment that meets every task.

The TEX CUT multi-layer cutter is a series of KURIS cutters with a cutting and receiving conveyor, designed for cutting materials up to 25/30/45/60/70/80 mm thick after pressing. It is the most versatile device, leading the way in the variety of applications and industries in which it can be used. High Ply cutters are used in the clothing and linen industry, wherever multiple cuts are required. They consist of a cutting window with a surface lined with special brushes, a receiving table for cut patterns and a vacuum system for pressing the selected layers. The cutting head of the cutter with an oscillating knife with a special double guidance system ensures stable knife operation, accuracy, repeatability and high cutting quality. The device has a stepless suction power adjustment. The device is controlled from the operator’s panel or directly from the bridge beam. Other additional options depending on the client’s needs. Selected features of the TEX CUT High Ply cutter:

  • Knife cooling systems. Standard or special high-performance two-zone versions with blowing directly into the cutting zone ensure high cooling efficiency, which prevents sticking of layers of cut materials.
  • Drill bits for marking inside points. Heated or cold supplied versions.
  • Hole drill system. Various sizes of hole diameters available (up to a maximum of 20 mm). Head mounted system independent of the thermal drill system. Kuris heads make it possible to mount several working tools on the head.
  • System of protection against expansion of elements already cut by covering them with a special curtain. The system is particularly useful for thicker, fluffy materials that are easy to compress and expand.
  • Moving the cutter for working with several layering tables. In order to increase the efficiency of the cutter, it is possible to install it on special rails enabling its movement. The cutter cuts the material selected on one table, and at this time the next layout is prepared on the adjacent table (or tables).
  • Automatic compensation of knife bending. The SMART KNIFE system of electronic knife bending control with automatic correction is used in the case of cutting large amounts of heavy materials. Provides even knife guidance, ensuring perfect cutting of the upper and lower layers of the material.

Double legger pressing machine BRI-222 VC with horizontal forms for ironing right and left trouser legs with creases. The linear movement of the frame eliminates the inconvenience of the operator in the working area, expands the field of visual inspection and eliminates the influence of heat. Linear closing movement. Stretch sheathing with a permanent stretching system on the swinging frame of the upper form (stretchinging frames) with additional tension compensating for the stretching of the fabric. Stretch system on top and bottom molds. The lower stretching device returns to its place when the trousers are removed from the bucks. Top form quick start in combination with swing frame – simultaneous closing movement. Precise clamping system of the upper forms. Separate suction of lower molds. The two-stage suction allows the pants to be placed on the buck and prevents their displacement.

A form of final ironing of the trouser top on the right side, with a trouser waistband stretching device and side buckles. Installation for iron connection, BRI-3 iron with a Teflon soleplate. Bottom and top forms for final ironing of the upper part of the trousers. Pants pulled over the buck on the right side. Circular swivel arm closure. A trouser waistband stretching, also on the sides, buckles and a device stretching a piece of clothing.

Press with horizontal forms to iron the right and the left of the jacket front. The linear-vertical system of the mold closing movement prevents shifts and enables even pressure distribution over the entire pressing surface. Additional suction allows you to place the piece on the buck and prevents it from displacement.

Pressing machine for final forming of the back part (with elbow seam) of sleeves. Two-point laser. Specially adapted upper form allows the sleeves to be ironed, also with buttons. Linear movement of the top arm, vertical closure of the top form. Digitally set the spacing between forms. Additional suction of the upper mold, along the edges of the molds, improves the quality of pressing. Two-stage suction. The most modern touch control panel allowing very precise adjustment of the ironing process to the fabric. User-friendly, with automatic programming of the individual process for further processing. The possibility of correcting the operation after the end of the given program. Digitally adjustable spacing between the forms depending on the material of the jacket.

Press with horizontal molds for ironing the right and left back of the jacket. The linear-vertical system of the mold closing movement prevents shifts and enables even pressure distribution over the entire pressing surface. Additional suction allows you to place the piece on the buck and prevents it from shifting. Precise clamping system of upper molds, digital setting of the distance between the molds. Additional steaming of the lower form, especially recommended for materials with hair. The two-point laser supports positioning. Connections and two BRI-3 irons for additional ironing.

The most modern touch control panel allows very precise adjustment of the ironing process to the fabric. User-friendly, with automatic programming of the individual process for further processing. The possibility of correcting the operation after the end of the given program. Digitally adjustable spacing between the forms depending on the material of the jacket. 200 programs can be stored. Indications and failure messages. Version with 13 languages. Possibility of separate programming for 10 users. Data transmission and viewing via PC.

Machine performance with one operator: 45 jackets per 1 hour.

SIP LS-915H Automatic sewing machine for sewing on loops, equipped with a 2-needle sewing head that allows simultaneous sewing of both bolts on the loop. Automatic measuring, cutting, folding and attaching of the belt loop in one operation significantly affects the high efficiency of the machine, and also ensures excellent repeatability and quality of sewing. Control via an easy-to-read 5.6 ″ touch control panel with self-diagnosis function. The operator’s work is limited to placing the product in the working area of ​​the machine. The most important features: – adjustment of the spacing between the knife and the device forming a belt loop, allows you to attach belt loops with an “eyelet” – a narrow cylinder of the sewing machine allows you to sew belt loops on small elements (e.g. children’s clothing) – the machine can also be used to work with elastic materials – possibility of creating patterns of decorative bolts on one’s own – large working space between the machine and the loader – adjustable height of the machine base.

The latest pole machine is a machine dedicated to heavy sewing. A drive integrated with the head, the use of a triple transport and an elongated arm of the machine allow sewing heavy materials of large sizes.

Automatic sewing machine intended for sewing applications according to the pattern. An electronically controlled machine for sewing a programmed pattern in an available sewing area of ​​1200mm x 800mm, equipped with a servo motor built into the machine’s head (direct driver system) and stepper motors. The machine is extremely easy to work with. The applied stepper motors based on screw technology will make the machine sew with the highest precision even after many years of use. This technology, in addition to accuracy, is characterized by exceptional durability. The structure of the machine, despite its impressive dimensions, is extremely mobile (based on wheels). Additionally, it has hinged tops that allow the machine to be quickly folded and moved to any place in the production hall.

The machine is enriched with new functions that improve the comfort of use and efficiency

  • a hole that allows you to adjust the hook synchronization without the need to tilt the head
  • LED lighting built into the machine head
  • height-adjustable reverse button
  • a hole for adjusting the synchronization of the transport roller
  • new ergonomic control panel integrated in the head

The JUKI company has introduced a new DDL-9000CF machine to the market. It is a lockstitch machine, with high sewing speed, with direct drive (servo motor built into the head of the machine) and with automatic thread trimmer. It is the newest and flagship product of the world’s largest manufacturer of industrial sewing machines. The device has been digitized to allow easy adjustment of settings such as: transport mechanism, thread tension and a mechanism that allows to change the transport movement from elliptical to rectangular. All these settings can be easily changed using the control panel. The excellent parameters necessary to achieve a high-quality seam can be set digitally without manual adjustment. Thanks to digitization, the optimal adjustment values ​​necessary for the production of high-quality seams can be stored in the machine’s internal memory, which remembers the material type and parameters, so that they can be easily duplicated. For factories that produce diversified products using a wide variety of materials, this feature is of great help to achieve a good quality stable seam in the most efficient way possible.

PFAFF 3511-2 / 01 Automatic sewing machine for small parts in the production of jackets, coats, flaps, cuffs etc. For light and medium-heavy fabrics. Characteristics: – favorable ratio of efficiency – price – easy operation – short depreciation – automatic sewing with trimming – automatic overlapping of the stitch on corners and arches – standard parameters are selected directly, e.g. locking at the beginning and end of the seam – built-in collection of cuttings – maximum speed sewing: 3.000 s.p.m. – compressed air pressure 6 bar

Automatic CSM 2210 automatic machine, freely programmable, multi-purpose, 1-needle, with shuttle stitch, cylindrical – after mounting the table it works as a flat machine. Working area depending on the model: 10cm x 10cm, 13cm x 10cm and 22cm x 10cm. Large hook. Stitch length 0.1 to 12.7 mm. Maximum sewing speed 2700 stitches / min. As the stitch length decreases, the sewing speed increases. Automatic thread cutting. Digital control of all machine functions, fault diagnosis system. Thanks to a special presser foot and thread trimming mechanism, the machine ensures high quality sewing of both light, medium and heavy materials. Standard frame is included.

Automatic, universal device for hot and cold cutting of tapes, Velcro, rubber, labels, etc. Cuts straight. Adjustment of the cutting length (1 – 9999 mm), the speed of the cut tape, the number of cut elements, pressure of the transport roller and temperature (up to 350 C).